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Discover with me every corner of the city of Valencia.

If something our clients say to us over and over again it is “What a great surprise Valencia is”. I am proud to hear it when you are a nativa born Valenciana and you are a tourist guide in the city! Valencia is, without doubt, one of the most evolved cities in Spain during the last years. It is a city that has known how to update itself and adapt to our times, which has known how to combine the old with the modern, the tradition with the avant-garde.

In Valencia you can learn how the Romans lived, how the muslim irrigation system worked, why merchants from all over the world came to Valencia in the 15th century or immerse yourselves in another galaxy visiting the City of Arts and Sciences.

For these reasons and many others, I propose that you choose us to book your guided tour in Valencia. My aim will be to make the most of your time and enjoy the city as Valencian people do.



Valencia, a city of contrasts, where tradition and avant-garde coexist perfectly.


Elena was a really nice, friendly and enthousiastic tour guide to work with for our group event in Valencia.

Before the event started she was very organised and helped us to decide on the best tour options for our group. She made us feel warm and welcome in preparation for the group visit. She provided us with useful and appropriate advice with her event proposals, as well as organising other tour guides to assist with our other groups.

During the actual event, Elena made every participant feel welcomed with her warm personality and deep knowledge of Valencia.

I would recommend anyone planning to visit Valencia to use Elena for their tour of the Valencia and the surrounding areas.


I took the walking tour with Elena that showed me the city center of Valencia. Really recomend! She is very knowlegeable and passionate about Valencia and explains clearly the stories that sourround this wonderfull city. After Elena, I see Valencia with diferent eyes.
More important and a true diferentiator: she provides a lot of tips of the city so you can enjoy your trip. I wish to have the oportunity to do other tours with her.
Thanks Elena!

William, Brasil


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