Having children changes your life, changes your priorities and many times you will put aside your hobbies to focus on your children´s. Does this sound familiar?

In this article I would like to show you that if your passion is traveling, in Valencia you can also do it with your children because Valencia is a very fun city with many options for them.

Do you want me to give you some tips?


The Oecanografic Valencia is part of the City of Arts and Sciences. It is a place where your children will learn about the wonders of marine animals that they may never have seen before. They will learn why penguins are black and white, why belugas have lost their dorsal fin, how fast dolphins can swim and see close up the second largest species of turtle in the world.

Just to see their surprised faces looking at these animals, it is worthwhile to book a guided tour of the Ocenaografic in Valencia.


At Bioparc Valencia your children will be excited from the beginning to the end. This is not a typical zoo because there are no apparent barriers between the public and the animals. In Bioparc Valencia they have recreated perfectly different African enviroments where more than 800 animals live. Animals such as lions, leopards, elephants, giraffas, zebras, rhinos, etc. Moreover, they will see in situ Timon and Pumbaa from the film The Lion King. This moment is wonderful. Do not hesitate and book our guided tour of Bioparc Valencia.


Everybody knows that children need to be entertained, otherwise they get bored and one of the best options in order to combate their boredom is to do an outdoor activity. What do you think? How about a bike tour of Valencia? In this way, we get them to learn while having fun. Moreover, in Valencia there is Turia Park, a park of 10 kilometres in length which crosses the city. So, our bike tour in Valencia will take place in that wonderful place without traffic, noise, etc.


Are your children passionate about football? Would they like to be professional football player? If these are your children, the Mestalla Tour is the visit for you! It is a very exciting visit for them because they will step on to the pitch, sit on the bench, enter the locker room and visit the press room as if they were journalists. Maybe, after this visit they can discover a future profession as a football player or journalist, you never know!